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Heating your swimming pool or charging your electric car are
daily tasks that can quickly make your electricity budget
explode. Photovoltaics is a source of energy that will allow you to
considerably reduce your electricity bills by being autonomous and acting for the planet.
Renosun is the ideal partner for your photovoltaic project. By helping you in your ecological transition, we offer you a tailor-made solution.

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Who are we ?

Renosun is a subsidiary of the Reno·energy group, one of the biggest Belgian players in photovoltaic investment. We have been developping our expertise in the photovoltaic sector in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and southern Spain for over 10 years. We have to our credit more than 10,000 installations placed, which is equivalent to 75,000 photovoltaic panels already installed by our teams.

The mission of Renosun is to provide global solar systems for local applicability through tailor-made photovoltaic installations. We have established a reputation for ourselves as reliable photovoltaic installers, for guaranteed satisfaction.

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Why invest in solar?

Solar energy is a profitable investment. You no longer need to pay solar tax. There is constant pressure on the Spanish government from the EU to meet solar energy consumption quarters as per 2030 ecological targets.

More freedom and autonomy: Now you have the right to self-consume the energy produced by your solar panels.

Reduce electricity bills: You consume less energy from the main grid.

Free from fluctuating prices: No dependence on electricity networks and fluctuating prices; produce your own electricity.

Better ROI: The annual rate of return of your photovoltaic installation is between 7-10%.

Add value to your home. Do good to your planet by adopting an environmentally friendly system.

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Why choose us?

At Renosun we put experience and reliability above everything else. Both from technical and administrative point of view, we provide you complete support throughout the project. We have a highly qualified team that brings a unique and tailor-made approach to every project that we deliver. Our primary emphasis is on identifying your needs and then providing the most fitting solar solution.

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Our strengths and engagements

  • Adapted installations to your consumption habits
  • Online follow up of your production
  • Certified installer
  • European certifications
  • Up to 25 years warranty

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Our products

Renosun works with multiple recognized brands without giving preference to one brand over another. We carefully select our panels, inverters, batteries and charging stations based on the requirements of our customers. Delivering you impeccable quality is our topmost priority. We source our materials to deliver you tailor-made photovoltaic installations.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a photovoltaic installation take?

Our photovoltaic installation team has just expanded!
Your panels can therefore be installed within a month! Do not hesitate to contact us!

Is your house suitable for solar energy?

The first thing to check when you want to invest in a photovoltaic system is the roof of your house.

  • Is your roof in good condition, is it insulated?
  • What is the surface area of your roof?
  • What is its orientation?
  • What is its inclination?
  • Are there any shady spots?

The ideal configuration for a photovoltaic panel installation is a south-facing roof with a 30° inclination, with no shading sources such as chimneys or trees.

Any other configuration may require a different choice of solar panels and a power optimizer to ensure the same production.

A north-east-facing roof is not recommended and the available surface area should be at least 8 to 10m² to install 5 or 6 solar panels.

Renosun will work with you to analyse your project and provide you with the best advice and solutions.

How does a photovoltaic panel work?

  • The sun generates photons which strike the photovoltaic cells (which are on the photovoltaic panel)
  • Electrons then move around producing a direct electric current
  • This direct electric current is transformed into alternating current by the use of inverters

The photovoltaic panel is produced using a semi-conductor material

A photovoltaic panel is produced using “Silicon”. The electrons in this material start to move when they are hit by photons from the sun’s rays. This movement creates a direct electric current.

The inverter

The direct electric current must be converted into alternating current so that it can be used in your home or sent to the electrical grid. The inverter is in charge of this transformation.

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