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In recent years, the technology of photovoltaic panels has evolved considerably. Monitoring tools allow you to follow the performance of your photovoltaic installation at any time.
Renosun's solutions

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A photovoltaic installation is based on three elements that will allow the transformation of the sun’s radiation into electricity:

  • Solar panels placed on your roof will capture the sun’s rays and transform them into direct current.
  • The inverter will convert this current into electricity compatible with the network of your house.
  • The meter will measure the flow of production, consumption and injection to the electrical network.

A battery storage system can be set up to store the energy produced and allow you to reach autonomy. You can also remain connected to the network to supply yourself in case of need or inject your surplus energy (self-consumption system with injection of surplus).

Solar panels and inverters

In recent years, the technology of photovoltaic panels has evolved considerably. Monitoring tools allow you to follow the performance of your photovoltaic installation at any time. Renosun works with the best manufacturers of photovoltaic panels.

Solar panels and inverters

Renewable energies open the door to new lifestyles.

Do you have photovoltaic panels or have you just bought an electric vehicle? Renosun can help you with this energy transition and offer you the installation of charging stations and home batteries.

With our expertise in photovoltaics, we can help you to implement solutions that meet your needs.
Whether it’s storing your solar energy or installing a recharging system for your electric vehicle, our team is at your side to make your projects a reality.
In order to achieve the best self-consumption rate, there are different products that allow an intelligent management of the energy generated by your solar panels:

  1. Storage batteries
  2. Charging stations
  3. Electric boilers for hot water in sanitary facilities
  4. Heat pumps for swimming pools

Storage batteries

The purpose of batteries is to store the solar energy you have produced with your photovoltaic panels and then exploit the surplus when you need it. Thanks to a storage battery, you are more autonomous with your energy production.

Storage batteries

Charging stations

The success of electric mobility also depends on a suitable infrastructure that allows you to charge your electric vehicle quickly.

The charging stations we recommend are intelligent and equipped with numerous functions. Not only do they allow you to charge your electric vehicle safely, but also to control, communicate and be connected.

Charging stations


The principle of the boiler is extremely simple: it pumps heat from the air and uses it to heat water. The consumption of a water heater is directly related to the overall performance of the installation. Ideally, the air source should be around 20°C and the domestic hot water should not be heated above 50°C. The heating time is very short (approximately 8 hours for a 250L tank).

A boiler does not require large investments and allows you to save up to 70% on your hot water bills.

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Heat pumps

The heat pump outside the building to diffuse it into the ambient air.

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SolarEdge offers a complete smart management solution, with :

  • Power optimizers integrated into the panels
  • A monitoring platform on your phone, tablet or computer to control your consumption
  • Smart outlets to control your electrical devices
  • Smart switches to control the equipment using a management interface.

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