We select the best technology partners on the market for you. For intelligent energy management, we have chosen SolarEdge!

As the world leader in intelligent energy management, SolarEdge offers a revolutionary photovoltaic system, the SolarEdge Home.

The main objectives of this system are to optimise your energy production and maximise your self-consumption.

  1. Optimise your installation
  2. Gain energy independence
  3. Charge your electric vehicle with solar energy
  4. Use home automation and water heating solutions
  5. Control and act on your installation with a specific mobile application

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Optimise your installation

Produce more energy than traditional systems.

Power optimiser

A power optimizer is integrated into each solar panel to increase its efficiency. This allows up to 25% more energy to be produced from each panel. The photovoltaic panels are thus pushed to their maximum capacity for optimal profitability.

Hot water management module

It is now possible to reduce your water heating costs with an intelligent water management device. This device communicates wirelessly with your SolarEdge inverter and automatically diverts the surplus solar energy production to your hot water system. This intelligent management is easy to install and manage through the monitoring platform. So you heat your water with a clean, renewable source of electricity while saving money on your electricity bills.

Charge your electric vehicle with solar power

Whether you already own an electric vehicle (EV) or just want to be ready for the future, install an EV inverter to combine solar and electrical power from the grid.

The first EV Charging inverter

The EV Charging single-phased inverter allows you to charge your electric vehicle directly from the power of the sun. This allows you to maximise your solar energy consumption and thus reduce your electricity bill.

In addition, the innovative Solar Boost mode charges your vehicle 2.5 times faster than a standard charger.

This type of inverter reduces the cost of installing a stand-alone charger and a solar inverter. It supports full grid connectivity and seamlessly connects to the SolarEdge monitoring platform via the Internet. You can monitor the charge level, control the charge and set charging times for your vehicle.

Use home automation and water heating solutions

Use your surplus energy for your household devices and to heat the water you need.

Smart sockets

Use your surplus production with smart sockets and smart switches! They allow you to control the electrical loads of pool pumps, fans, lighting and other household devices. The loads can be controlled from a distance according to a pre-programmed time schedule or in real time from the inverter. The socket has an integrated energy and consumption meter. All commands are made via a specific mobile application.

Gain Energy Independence

Maximize your self-consumption with SolarEdge storage batteries.

Storage battery

This battery allows you to store your surplus energy and reuse it for your household needs whenever you want, day or night.
In addition, if you are faced with a grid failure, it provides you with backup power.

Control and act on your installation with a specific mobile application

An ultra-intuitive application on the cutting-edge of technology.


Thanks to monitoring, photovoltaic installation operators and installers can access important data on their photovoltaic installation at any time. The platform offers a reporting function that keeps you reliably informed by e-mail at regular intervals (daily or monthly). The report includes information on the production and performance of your system and your savings.

Renosun also monitors the production of your system and alerts you if any anomalies or drops in production are detected.


By choosing SolarEdge Home, you are opting for a future-proof solution that guarantees increased energy efficiency and, as a result, savings on your energy bills.

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